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Lest we Forget

Your reliable and friendly specialist for small, affordable, bespoke

Quality MS Access Databases, Conversions and Data Migrations

for the smaller company or individual with 24 hr Helpline/E-mail assistance WHO IS STILL LOOKIN FOR MADELEINE
ALL Our Access databases are high quality, affordable and tested to satisfaction by the customer before we get a penny. Can't be fairer than that!! Also, all databases include FREE 3 month Helpline assistance and FREE Lifetime 'bug fix' undertaking.... Wow!..... and don't just take our word for it.... click on the 'Customers' link (below) and ask any one of them what they think of our quality, reliability, and affordability and our total honesty in providing a quote to a Spec and sticking to it.!!! Now you don't hear that very often ...!! Do you? And, what's more, if we carry out the work in less time than quoted... we will only charge for what we have actually done .. so you get a reduced final price!! How can you not be impressed by that?? ... And what's more important ... How can you afford not to give us a try??!!


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